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Rompli Kegel Balls with Vibration

Rompli Kegel Balls with Vibration

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This product has an elegant appearance and feels perfect to the touch. The Kegel balls will help provide stronger and tighter pelvic muscles. Kegel balls can be used for pelvic exercises, solo pleasure, or partner play.

As we age or after pregnancy pelvic muscles tend to lose their strength. Pelvic floor muscles support the bladder, bowel, and uterus. They prevent incontinence of the bladder and bowel, and prolapse and are also important in sexual function. The pelvic floor can be weakened by pregnancy, childbirth, cancer treatment, obesity, and the straining of chronic constipation.

Kegel balls along with Kegel exercises will help bring back pelvic muscle strength after some time. If used daily, most will notice a difference in about a week. This product can also help increase sexual sensation and orgasmic potential.

The Kegel vibrator has a super strong vibration and multiple vibration modes. You will get vigorous sexual stimulation. Product safety and environmental protection are part of the design philosophy. The goal is to provide the user with an excellent arousing experience.

Key Features

• 10 Vibration Speeds - available on 1 Kegel Ball 
• Wireless Remote Control
• USB Rechargeable • Cable Included
• Made of Food Grade Silicone. ABS
• Waterproof Rating
• Silent Design
• Pink or Purple Color Option
• Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe


Kegel #1 Length: 4.69 in x 1.4 in / Weight: 1.5 oz.
Kegel #2 Length: 5.8 in x 1.1 in / Weight: 3.6 oz.
Kegel #3 Length: 6.26 in x 1.26 in / Weight: 3.07 oz.
Vibrating Kegel #4 Length: 3.96 in x 1.38 in / Weight: 2.01 oz.
Wireless Remote
USB Charger
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